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Sharina Haynes


Objects that are considered scientific tend to have historical backgrounds. These backgrounds help to unpack the mysteries of science that often…

Contributors: Sharina Haynes

Kristie DaFoe


Homecoming Photo, Michigan T-Shirt, Harry Potter Book, Postcard, and Mask

Contributors: Kristie DaFoe

Sarah Lerch

PA necklace.jpg

Pittsburgh Pride and Badly Behaved Women

Contributors: Sarah Lerch

Chris Fite


Contributors: Chris Fite

Kyle Bjornson


Contributors: Kyle Bjornson

Bingo Gunter

Miss Mississippi doll

Collection of items that tell the story of Southern feminism and femininity.

Shane Lesko

Each of the chosen (5) objects are in many ways interconnected while representing often dissimilar interests or facets of both my personal and…

Contributors: Shane Lesko

Caroline Vereen

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Contributors: Caroline Vereen

Kathy Keenan

Contributors: Kathy Keenan

Jennifer Taylor

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This collection contains five personal items belonging to Jennifer Taylor, although one item, the steel-covered Bible, is on loan from her mother…

Contributors: Jen Taylor

Kary Pardy

Items that represent my background, through personal and academic interests.

Contributors: Kary Pardy

Brittany Merchant

Contributors: Brittany Merchant

Lauren Mojkowski

Objects selected by Lauren Mojkowski, relating to her life or research

Contributors: Lauren Mojkowski

Amanda Noll


When you walk into someone’s home for the first time, what do you see? Their furniture, family pictures, books, perhaps some dirty dishes…

Contributors: Amanda Noll

Caitlin Mans


Moving across the country allows an individual to only bring a finite number of objects with them. The following represent a snapshot of some of the…

Contributors: Caitlin Mans

JoAnn Zeise

Objects selected by JoAnn Zeise, relating to her life or research.

Jamie Wilson

Objects selected by Jamie Wilson, relating to her life or research.

Contributors: Jamie Wilson