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Jennifer Betsworth


Objects selected by Jennifer Betsworth, relating to her life or research.


Jennifer Betsworth

Items in the Jennifer Betsworth Collection

No Trespassing Sign
Hy-Ko Products printed this sign on Tyvek for maximum outdoor durability. Although the sign itself is modern, the language is identical to similar signs from the early twentieth-century.

Railroad Spike
Collected in Columbia, South Carolina, this twentieth-century railroad spike appears nearly identical to the earliest spikes that Robert Stevens created in 1832. This “cut spike” or “crampon” remains the commonest railroad…

Glass Insulator
Glass insulators protect transmission wires from the elements. Individuals purchased this Hemingray design, named Deep Groove Double Petticoat Pony, specifically for rural telephone lines.

Winter Journeys in the South
Winter Journeys in the South, published in 1916, was written by John Martin Hammond. A native Pennsylvanian, he traveled to the South’s most prominent resort cities and created this guide for Northern tourists.

Handmade Brick
This handmade brick, which workers made on site in a matter of seconds, originally formed a part of a nineteenth-century Kentucky tavern. Though roughly made, the bricks indicated stability and fine lodging to travelers.

Beneventum Plantation House
Photograph of Beneventum Plantation house, Georgetown, South Carolina