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Jennifer Taylor


This collection contains five personal items belonging to Jennifer Taylor, although one item, the steel-covered Bible, is on loan from her mother Linda Watkins.


Jen Taylor

Items in the Jennifer Taylor Collection

Berlin Wall fragment
A tourist, Jennifer Taylor, purchased this fragment in 1999 from the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, also known as the Mauermuseum or Haus am Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany. The blue and red graffiti suggests it came from the western side of the…

"Protecto"-Shield New Testament Bible
Includes a steel-covered Bible and faded box. The "Protecto"-Shield New Testament Bible doubled as a Catholic prayer book and came boxed, ready to mail directly to a recipient. The front of the box/package features a red heart with "Protecto"…

Mexican Coin Pendant
Now set as a gold-rimmed pendant necklace, the silver cob coin minted in Mexico sank along with the Spanish Treasure Flotilla during a hurricane in 1715 off of the east coast of Florida. The cob coin was made from mass-produced coin blanks or flans…

VHS Cassette
This VHS cassette produced by Recording Studios of America at Nashville’s Opryland amusement park contains a child’s amateur music video. Recording Studios of America received a patent in 1983 and 1986, according to the label on the…

“50th Anniversary of the Kelly Green Men!” button
This button has a white background with three green alien icons of different sizes situated at the top. "Will They Be Back?" is written beneath the aliens. Black text in all caps reads: "HOPKINSVILLE & CHRISTIAN COUNTY CELEBRATE THE" - Then in…