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Shane Lesko


Each of the chosen (5) objects are in many ways interconnected while representing often dissimilar interests or facets of both my personal and professional life, and for these reasons, they were chosen. As both my personal and professional interests have developed and matured over the years the common bonds and themes of the chosen objects becomes ever more obvious and representative. All the objects represent in some way my research interest in genocide and Mideast conflict management while others such as the olive wood camel, nargileh, and helmet are significant of personal interests and memories. All represent multiple themes, for instance, the olive wood wine holder is representative of my Sicilian heritage as well as made from the root of the tree in the Golan Heights. The commemorative plague, a gift from Yad Vashem, as well as the olive wood camel have direct ties to my research interests as well as being constructed from olive wood from Bethlehem, a location that has many personal connections and memories.


Shane Lesko

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