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Items in the Kyle Bjornson Collection

Cassette Tape
Dubbed tape recordings of Modine, a band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The recordings were made during a band practice on May 24, 1995.

The Airfields "Laneways" EP, 10" Vinyl Record
10 inch white vinyl record. Hand silk-screened jacket, white with abstract city-scape sketching in pantone 292 blue. The record, titled "Laneways EP," features six recordings by Toronto band The Airfields. The Ep was released on Edmonton, Alberta…

Lowry, Thomas P., M.D. The Stories the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell: Sex in the Civil War.
Published by Stackpole Books in Mechanicburg, Pennsylvania. Publishing date: 1994.

University of Alberta Scandinavian Club Pin-back Button
University of Alberta Scandinavian Club member's pin-back button, or badge. The button depicts a bearded viking, with a horned helmet.

Maple Syrup
8 FL OZ (1/2 PT) 236 mL glass bottle of Earth Fare brand organic, 100% pure maple syrup. Grade 'A', Dark Amber.
Product of Canada. Purchased at the Devine Street Earth Fare, Columbia, SC. August 2014.