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Analog to Digital: Changing Media Formats in the 20th Century

“Analog to Digital: Changing Media Formats in the 20th Century” examines how changing media formats in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries has changed how people experience listening to music.

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Digital Identity: Ghost Without the Shell

“on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” 

     Identity is formed through interaction with other users, objects, texts, and contexts.  Often, it is defined by what it is not.  In the digital sense, identity is detached from materiality while continually referring to the material, embedding itself in the material, and altering the material.

     Users constantly reference, refresh, and augment their identity.  Every credit card swipe, mouse click, and Facebook status update enters into a user’s datastream, collected in a digital dossier.  This dossier moves nebulously through the network, into and out of real and virtual terrain. 

     Digital Identity: Ghost Without the Shell explores the formation and mapping of digital identity outward to the borderlands of digital interaction.  Very few individuals remain completely unplugged from a digital identity.  The data collected under digital identity has a major impact in the material and digital lives of its associated user.  Landscapes change and are changed, reputations become limitlessly portable, and skin may be altogether lost in the datastream.  Only a ghost is left.    



i. forming, the fact of being who or what a person or thing is

ii.mapping, a transformation that leaves an object unchanged

iii.  borderlands, the equality of two expressions for all values of the quantities expressed by letters

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Who is the Ghost?

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