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Animal Expressions

From plush toys to national symbols to abstract works of art, humans use imagery of both familiar and exotic animals to express beauty and pride. We portray animals as happy, friendly, and soft to provide ourselves with a source of comfort in a chaotic and unfamiliar world. Animal imagery allows us to create our own imagined version of nature, perhaps more pleasant than the reality.

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Many maps, many uses

Maps come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. The first map was drawn a long time ago – over a thousand years! Today, maps are made by people called cartographers, and are used for many purposes. They are used to plot places and landscapes that humans cannot reach, they aid in navigation and surveying, they help with planning, and are useful while traveling. Maps are also sometimes kept as mementos or keepsakes – something their creators probably weren’t expecting!


American Exceptionalism: Origins and Contemporary Identity

American exceptionalists emphasize America’s uniqueness among nations. Where does this idea come from? Where will it take us?

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