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Analog to Digital: Changing Media Formats in the 20th Century

“Analog to Digital: Changing Media Formats in the 20th Century” examines how changing media formats in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries has changed how people experience listening to music.

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Picturing Optics Behind the Lens and Beyond

This exhibit will show the history of four objects in an interactive way and examine the visitor’s understanding of optics from medieval times and its place in the development of modern optics.  It will emphasize it’s development from Medieval times and its uses in present times.  The instruments will show the evolution of science.  A magnifying glass could be considered to be the simplest microscope.  A spherical piece of glass magnifies text and that is the foundation of the invention of eyeglasses. The science that allows us to have microscopes is the same science used to create the first telescope.    

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