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Animal Expressions

From plush toys to national symbols to abstract works of art, humans use imagery of both familiar and exotic animals to express beauty and pride. We portray animals as happy, friendly, and soft to provide ourselves with a source of comfort in a chaotic and unfamiliar world. Animal imagery allows us to create our own imagined version of nature, perhaps more pleasant than the reality.

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"There's No Place Like Home": Displays of State and National Affiliation

How does one express state or national pride through objects? What different forms of media are used to display this affiliation? This exhibit showcases a variety of different objects that represent various states and countries to explore how people visibly represent where they come from or what location they associate with.

People claim many different types of affiliation. Whether they be political or religious, to various interest groups or organizations, countries or states, public or private, these affiliations demonstrate a formal attachment to something. When this affiliation for a state or country is put on display or embodied by an object it resembles a form of pride. Pride indicates a deeper more emotional or sentimental connection to a place. Whether it is through a sports team or the display of a map or flag, people have interesting and creative ways to connect with their home even when they are far away.

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