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Carmel and Terrell Swan (Catstudio) made this North Carolina themed towel c. 2017. The owner's sister gave it to her as a Christmas gift the first year she was in graduate school due to her love of her home state.

Nathan Simon sculpted this image of his daughter's pet dog, Moe, as a gift for her. It is made from sheet copper and custom framed in wood.

This basket was made by Mount Pleasant, SC native Ruth Wright, but purchased by the owner at the NC state fair in 2010.

Buttermilk Pitcher made by potter, Sid Luck. A classic example of salt-glazed pottery, this was purchased by the owner from the potter's shop during a visit with an undergraduate Material Culture class.

Reproduction of a wedding dress pattern used by Coral Banks Lyles. The bride's daughter wore the same dress at her wedding. The bride's granddaughter gifted this framed reproduction to her cousin (and fellow granddaughter of the bride).

Purchased at the Indiana State Museum, this Thomas Jefferson action figure wears a blue coat, gold waistcoat, and tan breeches. The right foot is broken and the speaker button on the chest no longer functions.

Instead of 52 cards, Italian decks have 40 and are divided into four suits: coins, cups, clubs, and swords. While this deck is from Naples, each region in Italy has its own distinctive art design.

Prop from Cardamon the Wizard’s lair in South Fork High School’s 2016 production of Once Upon a Mattress, handmade by Celeste Collado.

Surplus fire alarm stolen from South Fork High School as part of a senior students’ tradition.

5th century CE pottery fragment from Halmyris, a Roman fort on the Danube River in modern Romania. The sherd’s decorative, irregular lines indicate it was made locally rather than imported from elsewhere in the empire.

Gourmet chocolate bar from Trader Joe's given as a gift, only for the recipient to discover that it was already half eaten.
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