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Double exposure photograph of a London street sign and a scene from a London street. Sign from a central point in London as the locations listed are well known: Trafalgar Square, China Town etc. Framed by white matt board, clear plastic frame with…

Plastic troll doll with bright pink hair and brown eyes. Light pink bow tied around troll's waist, light pink bow in troll's hair. Bottom of troll's foot reads "Morg's Beautiful"


Unworn Russian Pointe pointe shows, manufactures stickers still in interior and exterior. Pink satin exteriors, canvas interior. Leather soles, "Handmade in Russia"


1971 ed. of Another Roadside Attraction. Front cover has "Ellen Cannon" written in blue ink 4 times, each in different styles. Front cover also has an address label for Mrs. Abbot Frank - paper 1.5cm x 4.5cm. Opposite the title page there is a…

Front: a black and white photo of B.B. King on stage in Memphis, Tennessee c.1956. Back: a letter, written from one college roommate to another over summer vacation. Sent from Memphis, TN to Tallahassee, FL in 2009. The stamp features a polar bear…
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