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A three inch dinosaur like figure, covered with orange spikes. Yoshi is outfitted with distinctive plumber boots that relate him to the Mario Brothers. The figurine’s face is also has a rounded nose and conceals a long tongue hidden in the…

A re-imagined 1980s DeLorean model car with distinctive vertical folding doors. Two jet engines in the back articulate the car’s time traveling potential. The “Flux Capacitor” is also visible in the rear of the cab of the car. …

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The value of the coin is ten Pesos. The coin’s rim is a faux gold (likely copper or another reflective alloy). The outer most part of the coin’s rim is indented. One side conveys ethnographic information about Mayans. The other side…

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The badge displays the name of the park that it was received from, Fort Sumter. Also included on the badge is the distinctive symbol of the Buffalo for the National Park Service. The badge is made from a high grade, reflective plastic.


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The KSK medical optical microscope was manufactured in 1953 in occupied Japan. The microscope is contained in a wood box, which includes shelving for lens and eye pieces. The box also lists the serial number and history of the microscope’s…

margarita glass.jpg
13 inches high and 11 inches from rim-to-rim, this glass is a super-sized version of the standard wide-mouth margarita shape (which is purportedly a design element meant to enable a good salt-to-sip ratio). For scale, it is set alongside a coffe cup…

One of the ultimate series, medium weight, 36 inches long (with a 5 inch coffee cup beside, for scale), and reinforced with strapping tape at its vulnurable points. For a quick rifle anatomy lesson: the narrow end is the nose, the fat end is the…

Penney is a 9-year-old red tri Aussie, although she was only 5 or so when this picture was taken. The photo itself is 5 x 7 1/2 inches and has numerous holes in it from thumbtacks. Penney's too smart for her own good, can tell how long I'll be gone…

Ceramic Box.jpg
This box is gray clay painted white with a blue stamped pattern.

This is a personal mp3 player developed by Apple, Inc. This version holds eighty gigabytes of information and can play videos and movies.

Wedding Invitation.jpg
After this wedding, the receiver decorated the invitation, framed it, and returned the modified version to the couple as a wedding gift.

pear pin.jpg
This was a gift to console the receiver for missing out on a really excellent vacation.

1114 Slann Drive
Cayce, SC 29033


This cancelled 46 cent postage stamp cellabrates "The Calling of an Engineer" (L'Engagement de L'Ingenieur).


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