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This cancelled 46 cent postage stamp cellabrates "The Calling of an Engineer" (L'Engagement de L'Ingenieur).


This canceled passport includes stamps from Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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This mini-helmet, made by Schutt, is a replica of the full-size Penn State football helmet. Made out of plastic and metal, the helmet is durable yet light weight. Although not designed for wear, a collector of football memorabilia can enjoy this…

Officially designated the PGU-15, the 30mm TP round is composed of four different components: 1) cartridge case; 2) projectile; 3) propellant; 4) percussion primer. These components are made from steel, aluminum, plastic, and black powder.

Also known as a minie ball, this type of bullet could be fired from a .58 caliber rifled musket. Invented by the Frenchman Claude Minie, the groves at the base of the lead projectile would cause the bullet to spin as it left the barrel of the weapon…

This miniature toy bus made by Matchbox, a company known for making smaller versions of vehicles from around the world. The bus is made of diecast metal and painted to represent a London touring bus.


Published by William Stewart of Philadelphia, PA, this reproduction map of the Township of Busti was produced in 1867. Although a photocopied and laminated version of the original, the information on the map remains easily readable and very detailed.

The scallop shell is worn by pilgrims as they voyage to the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The inside of this shell is adorned with a red cross.


This is a pre-Prohibition label from the Port Townsend Brewing Company.


This atlas was printed in 1913. Aside from maps, the atlas contains descriptions of the major cities of the world, an essay on the construction of the Panama Canal, biographies of US Presidents and a collage depicting impressive sites on each…


This assemblage was created by objects found at a dump in Alaska.

This letter was received as a thank you for donating to the Kodiak Historical Society and its museum, the Baranov Museum. The museum is housed in a Russian magazin constructed by 1802.

These two prints most likely came from an illustrated book. They are in the style of the ukiyo-e print that ascended in popularity during the Edo period of Japan. The prints depict courtesans at work.

This silver brandy warmer seems to have been created during the reign of George III, though its origin remains unknown.

CIA map front.jpg
This is a standard issue parking map of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. It is given to visitors on arrival at the front gate.

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The Vulgate is a Latin Bible. The translation was begun in 382 A.D.; this copy was printed in 1994. It represents the intersection of many of Sarah’s interests: books, history, Latin, and Catholicism.

This cap, made of thick wool yarn, was hand-knit by Sarah in 2008 using the stockinette stitch. It was one of her first knitting projects and shows her love of hats and fondness for cold weather.

A Prehensile Tailed Skink (Corucia zebrata) sits on a log in this lifelike statue created by wildlife artist Jeff Littlejohn in 2003. The Corucia is an herbivorous (plant-eating) lizard from the Solomon Islands; it is Sarah’s favorite animal.

This sturdy hammock is made of white nylon threads woven together in a diamond pattern. When the two long ropes are tied around tree trunks, it is an excellent place for reading or napping.
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