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Homecoming photo, taken in 1974, of Robert DaFoe and Sandra Koan.

Metal Bassoon reed case. Made from a recycled cigarette case. Decorated in a Muslim/Ottoman motif with various inlay.

Baseball cap in the colors of the Baltimore Orioles. Team logo on the front.

Pill Box.JPG
Medication is a necessity to some but is stigmatized by others. Hiding it in a small, decorative box like this one allows for both convenience and social acceptability.

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Charm Bracelet.JPG
Antique jewelry can be found at auctions, antique stores, thrift stores, and flea markets. Wherever they come from or whatever they look like, the primary source of pride to the owner is each piece's age.

Although Dungeons and Dragons is the first and most well-known system, there are a plethora of dice-placed roleplaying games played today. Collections of colorful and unusual dice become sources of pride for players and demonstrate status as "veteran…


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Puzzle boxes are at once logic games and storage containers. This one requires three steps to open it: the peg must be pulled out, the visible lid slid over, and a hidden lid lifted.

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This scarf, passed from the Alumna Association of Mount Holyoke College to a student on the cusp of graduation, represents a sense of community and continued belonging cherished by the students and alumnae of the school.
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